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Welcome to the Bodyboard King "Choose the way you ride" section.
The idea behind this section is to help you understand the basics surrounding bodyboarding materials, design elements, construction styles as well as choosing size optiminal to your weight and height. Regardless of your experience or length of time in the sport, our sport is dynamic in nature and by having a firm understanding of the basic principals of board design you will not only choose the right board for now but, you will also understand what you require out of a board moving forward

Size Chart
Covers off what sized board you are riding based on your weight and height

Template + Terminology
This section will work the basic principals of template and board design. This section also features a "A-Z" of bodyboarding design terms and their meanings.

Board Materials
Cores directly relate to where we ride and how we ride. The correct core will ensure maximum board performance and is a must read

Construction Styles
Learn the DNA of the modern bodyboard and how it will affect your ride.

As always, should you require any further assistance, please feel free to contact us or vist instore. Further information can be found by CLICKING HERE
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Bodyboard Size ChartTemplate + TerminologyBoard MaterialsConstruction Styles
Bodyboard Size Chart

Template + Terminology

Board Materials

Construction Styles

Choose the Way You Ride

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