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CHURCHILL Fins - Blue / Gold
CHURCHILL Fins. The Original Swim Fin. Colour: Blue / Gold

Fin Size:

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Product Description
Churchill - The Original Swimfin's.

The original and still the best! These are the blueprint all other Bodyboard Fins are based on.
The Chuck Taylor All star's of odyboard Fins. These never get old or go out of fashion.

- Original Dolphin Inspired Shape
- Soft Foot Pocket with strategic Drainage
- Natural  Gum Rubber provides firm but gentle fit
- Bonus Mesh Bag
- Available in traditional Blue/ Gold
Reviews (6)
Name : Gabe Emtage
Location : Warren NJ
Title : Best Ocean Fins
Review : These fins are one of the best overall fins for the ocean. I've tried many different types but like these the best. I do agree though that after my bodyboard session, there is bad drainage. Is something they could work on but overall awesome fins.

Name : juan gomez
Location :
Title :
Review : ok

Name : Anonymous
Location : Day(s)
Title :
Review :

Name : Anonymous
Location : Year(s)
Title :
Review : churchill

Name : Anonymous
Location : Week(s)
Title : good speed. comfort and control
Review : good speed. comfort and control bad water drainage the original teh best jeff

Name : Anonymous
Location : Year(s)
Title : good Speed, comfort and control
Review : good Speed, comfort and control bad water drainage The Original The best Jeff

Questions (26)
Are these still made with Malaysian rubber

Hey mate, Churchills these days are made with a different rubber compound. It's a non-Malaysian rubber blend but still pretty soft. If you're after the softer Malaysian rubber type fins, don't look past the Limited Editions, they feel the closest to the old type Churchills. Cheers

this questions already been asked but as of now ,December 16 has Churchill gone back to the good rubber in Malaysia not the crap rubber? if so have you got any medium-larges in stock?

Hi, Churchills have been returned back to 100% rubber, although these are made in Chine. we have sold 1000's of pairs since this new compound was released 2 years ago & only 2 returns. Great feedback. I use these & find them to be as good as the originials We have Medium Large fins available in both blue/yellow and Orange/Black ready for shipping. Regards TP // BBK

When will your churchill fins in a ML size be back in stock??

Hey mate. These are no longer made in malaysian rubber ( these are but the new ones aren't) So we only have sizes listed. Check out Stealth Originals in Blue Sun Gold: Closest you'll get. Thanks Toby.

Are these with Malaysian rubber or China rubber ? Thanks

Malaysian Rubber. Thanks Toby.

hey dawg just wondering if you've heard more about churchill bringing back the originals, if so will u be stovking them ?

Hey mate. Churchills are being made in China so are pretty bad rubber. if they get made in Malaysia again we'll stock them but not sure if that will happen. Thanks Toby.

just wondering if your getting any of these in m/l any time soon

Hey mate. Sorry these are no longer available in Med Large. Check out the Stealth original fins: Thanks Toby.

Hello, I am searching churchill makapuu fins in M size and made in malaysia. Have you got them? Regards, Xabier.

Yes we have these but not in the blue Gold, We only have in Grey, Blue/ Grey or Black/ Green. Thanks Toby.

Just wondering if you guys are getting Large Churchill Blue and Gold fins back in stock anytime soon? and for the same price for $50 :)

Hey Bevan. We no longer stock Churchills as the rubber is crap quality & they're made in China. Check out the Stealth originals in Blue/ Sun gold: I wore churchills my whole life but think these are just as good. Thanks Toby.

Hi, just wondering when you will be in stock for the Churchill Makapuu Fins Gold and blue. Thanks.

Hey Ben. These are all gone. Churchill has changed the rubber composition snd the news one's fall apart so we dont stock them. Sorry about that. Look at the Stealth Original in Blue Gold Supers Fins in Blue/ Gold Thanks Toby.

Hey guys When will you have Large Churchills Blue and Gold in stock next? Cheers yew

Hey Bevan. Churchill don't make these anymore. We have Black/Green in Large. Thanks Toby.

When will you be getting in large pairs of the blue and yellow churchills ?

Hey mate. No we only have these in Black Green and Churchill is no longer making these in this rubber compound. Check out the Stealth Blue Gold if you like these: Thanks Toby

Toby - so are all new Churchills now the shitty rubber or are the traditional yellow + blue still good

Hey I've heard the new churchills are real bad and break all the time. The rubber just cracks or splits. We only sell the old one's. Thanks Toby.

Hey i was just wondering when you will have Large Churchill fins - Blue and Gold in stock next?

Hey. We have sold out of these and so has Churchill. We only have Black/ Green in stock. Thanks Toby.

just wondering when you will be restocking the blue and gold churchill fins in medium

Hey Mate. We wont be getting anymore as Churchill has sold out and so have we. Churchill has started making these in China & changed the rubber composition and the new one's are terrible and break right away. We have these in Black/ Green or check out the Stealth Blue/ Gold Thanks Toby.

when are you going to have more in stock?

We are sold out and so is Churchill. Churchill are using a different rubber compound now and they are shit.

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