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GRAND FLAVOUR Crest Crew Neck Jumper
Grand Flavour Clothing - Winter 2011
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If you are sick to death of the big clothing brands flogging some mediocre phrase with a milled-out scribble on a shirt; then Grand Flavour is for you. It is without the choked out corporate identity of a cigar smokin’ fat man looking for your green. We felt this same way; so we signed up, collected our creativity and cashed some cheques, and then some more cheques for this initiative.

Grand Flavour is the brainchild of Ben Player, Dave Winchester and Chad Jackson. Grand Flavour embraces the culture and diversity of our bodyboarding community and combines a brand and product we actually want to wear.

"Too long has the bodyboarding community been crying out for a brand which reflects the true uniqueness of our sport," says current world champion bodyboarder Ben Player. "The bodyboarding community is young, vibrant and less conservative than the current bodyboarding fashion offerings depict. We wanted to build a product that really represents the youthfulness of our sport."

Grand Flavour clothing is not solely designed by one person or group, instead many of the communities talented artists and designers contribute to our products. Artists and fellow bodyboarders, Murray Bell of "Design is Kinky/Movement Mag" and Scott "The Yok" Hitchcock have worked with us on unique products. "Our product speaks for itself," says Chad Jackson, a well-respected bodyboarder in the community. " We have put more into this than into anything else we have ever done.

Currently our team consists of World Champion Ben Player, Chad Jackson Dave Winchester, Alex Bunting, Tom Wilson and Cade Sharp. A bunch of very talented individuals, both in and out of the water, and probably some of the nicest guys you will meet in the line up.

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