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POD Fins PF3 Evo - Black / Orange
Pod Fins New PF3 Evo Flipper

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Product Description

Pod PF3 Evo. The latest innovation from Pod.

Introducing our top-of-the-line surfing swim fin proudly designed by POD Ware team! Others may try to imitate but none will even come close to the research and development that has gone into the PF3 Evolution Line. This distinctive swimming fin has all the high quality design features of our PF2’s but stands out because of its asymmetrical design which delivers more precise balance when compared with competitors asymmetrical fins. These performance fins are sought after by experienced bodysurfers, bodyboarders and ocean photographers. Our Point of Difference (POD) philosophy is what makes the difference in this leading edge surfing swim fin!

: Asymmetrical design delivers precision balance

:: Foot size relative to blade length ratio
:: Manufactured with Malaysian highest quality natural buoyant rubber compounds
:: Lightweight
:: POD patented lamination technique for super strong construction
:: Soft rubber lined extended foot pocket is extremely comfortable
:: Unique splay rails® combined with asymmetric blade provide excellent balance and a more powerful kick with directed thrust, speed and control
:: Vertical rails produce greater wave holding stability
:: Drainage design ensures quick water and sand release from the foot pocket

*Note: Please use the foot size chart below for all models of POD fins. If you have any doubts whatsoever, please visit your local stockist.

If the length of your foot is slightly longer but matches the same width in the sizes below, there is still plenty of toe room because the foot pocket itself has been extended for versatile fittings and to ensure a comfortable fit.

POD does not recommend fitting two foot sizes down in any size fins, as this may tear or crack the sole including snapping the fin strap from over stretching, plus this will change the intended foot size to blade length ratio, including the structural fin strength vs. body weight which is not covered under warranty.

Most importantly rubber swim fins are intended for swimming not walking or running. Bending the blade beyond 45° in any direction from walking, running and/or impact on the blade will cause the sole or blade to tear/crack will void any warranty.

Reviews (2)
Name : Bceh
Location : Sunshine coast
Title : Tested
Review : Hey guys and gals Finally back with a short but sweet review. Just love these fins. Plenty of thrust and great tracking on the wave face. Especially in the barrel and bottom turns. Drain hole 5 star design. Rail design is very similar to the vipers. Once broken in they are very comfortable. Only downfall is getting use to the rubbing on your toes. Solution, buy fin socks or tape for your feet/toes in the begging so you wear them in. 5 star fins ...

Name : Bceh
Location :
Title :
Review : Just received these today , big thanks to very fast service. Ive owned many pair of fins in my time every thing from churchills to vipers, and they are awesome products. But theses look the bomb, and are a great blend in design and construction, havint used yet but can not wait to test them out. Will definately report back later on the feel and kick. Definate 5 star in build and material quality.

Questions (9)
Hi there,do all POD fins float? Can't find this info anywhere. Cheers

G'day, all POD fins are advertised as being made of buoyant, natural Malaysian rubber. Hope this helps! BBK

Whats more powerful? these or stealth S3's?

Hey mate. These have a bigger blade so are more powerful. Also the rails make it stiffer for more thrust. Thanks Toby.

what fins would be the best pods or tech 2 couse i need more projection through the wave as my other ones are to heavy and have no sand drainage holes

Hey Ned the Tech 2's are made from Silicone and very comfortable but not very powerful. The Pod Pf3's are much more powerful and give more thrust. These are a better choice if you need more thrust and projection. Thanks Toby.

boas amigo calço o 44/45 axa que uns pod desses tamanho L me servem nos pés ?

Large size. 10-11 Thanks Toby.

Do you have a US distributer? Shipping is a killer!

We are a retail store. Thanks Toby.

What's its Weight (lb) per pair?

Hey mate. The weight per pair is about 4.5lbs. Thanks Toby

I'm a beginning bodyboarder and I was wondering what flippers would be best for my skill level and intended use? I wear a ladies size 10. I'm clearly not a professional but I'd like to get more serious about bodyboarding! Thanks, Tricia

Hey Tricia. all the fins we sell are quite good. these are good fins or maybe check out hydro fins. The tech 2's are really soft and dont give blisters. Thanks Toby.

Hi there I am a UK size 10 shoe size. What would you recomend size of POD PF3 Evo i take? (M or L) Thanks Chris

Hey, Id take Medium Large (9-10) Thanks Toby

hi guys,need to know if there is different hardnest colour combinations ,i.e. redleys.... is orange and black all there is ? is the orange and black first release and the hardest density?

Hey. They are all the same density these fins. They also come in Black/Green. Let us know if you'd like the Black/Green when you order. Thanks toby

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