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Your bible for all the World best bodyboard waves! Owen Pye with Rob Barber and Mike Searle. Foreword by Mitch Rawlins
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Product Description
The Bodyboard Travel Guide

Where to score the world’s best bodyboarding waves!

The Bodyboard Travel Guide, from the publishers of Britain’s long-running bodyboarding magazine ThreeSixty, is the first book of its kind, focussing specifically on the prime destinations for bodyboarding around the world. More than 100 of the planet’s best bodyboard waves are described in detail, and readers are given all the information they need to score the best waves going. Destinations include well-known surf zones like the North Shore of Hawaii, France and Australia’s Gold Coast, as well as off-thebeaten-track locations like Papua New Guinea and Micronesia. Morocco, South Africa, Ireland, California, Brazil, Chile and Mexico are just some of the other diverse locations covered. The descriptive text is interspersed with real-life Travellers’ Tales, where seasoned bodyboarders recount their experiences of slogging through jungles and deserts to reach those elusive perfect waves.

The book is packed with stunning photos of the world’s best bodyboard spots, taken by renowned photographers such as Mickey Smith, Tim Jones, Andrew Shield, Todd Glaser, Rod Owen, Ray Collins, Sacha Specker and Tim McKenna. Also included are sections on equipment, fitness, training, diet, first aid, boat trips, road trips and cold water trips. Plus there’s a ton of useful tips and insights from seasoned travellers and bodyboarding pros including: Amaury Lavernhe, Matt Lackey, Pierre Louis Costes, Dave Winchester, Damien King, Ben Player and Magno Oliveira. And with an inspirational foreword by hard-charging Australian pro Mitch Rawlins, this book is a must-buy for bodyboarders of all abilities.

“The purpose of this book is to fuel your imagination. It is not intended as a comprehensive guide with detailed maps on every bodyboarding spot in the world. Rather it is a “bucket list” of places any booger would aspire to surf at some point in their life. We hope the book’s stunning photos, useful information and inspirational stories will equip you with the tools to get out there, explore and score!”

Mike Searle, photographer and publisher.

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