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Morey Bodyboards Mach 7 PE Core - 2016/17 Model
Mach 7 Dow (PE) Core - 2016/17 Model.

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Product Description

Morey Mach 7 PE Core Bodyboard  - 2016/17 Model

The most famous bodyboard of all time, the Morey Mach 7 is back again in 2015/16 and available in the 7 & 7SS. Each model combines decades of experience in the water and the shaping room, with all new manufacturing materials and techniques. The Mach 7 is back, stronger than ever.
Morey is celebrating 45 Years this year and have re released this iconic model.

CORE: Ethafoam PE Core
PE Core is the original Bodyboard Core, offering flex & resilience. Best suited for colder waters of those wanting a bit more flex
STRINGER: Single Power Rod Stringer
DECK:  8lb PE Deck
TAIL: Crescent Tail
ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Pre Plugged on Right, 60/40 Double Rails, Tail Piece, Graduated channels , Slick Grips

Yellow Deck/ Black Rails/ Black Pin/ Orange Slick

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Questions (6)
Hey guy’s, any idea when the Mach 7 will be back in stock

G'day, at this stage we won't be getting anymore of them in stock in the foreseeable future. Cheers

Are more 41 inch ones being made or is that it?

Hi Andy, The distributor is simply out of 41.00" stock at this time. We will update our stock list when they receive this size. Have a great weekend Cheers TP//BBK

I there. Can I order it to Portugal? Thanks How much the total price with shipment?

Hi pedro, Yes, we ship to Portugal. Simply add the board to your cart and then go to checkout where you can access a freight estimate to your home city. Cheers TP // BBK

Sorry if this is a newb question. Moving back near a beach almost 20 years since I last boarded. What is"Rocker" & why might I pick a little or lot of rocker? Tim

The rocker is the curve through the length of the board. If you put the board on the ground slick down the board will rock if you tap it on the nose or tail. Dead flat means it will lie flat with the gradient shaped into the nose the only thing coming off the ground. It will not "rock" This is fast and holds in well, More for the advanced rider. Little bit of nose rocker means it will have a slight lift off the ground from around the first foot or so from the nose. Less Likely to Nosedive and easier to turn. For the Intermediate Rider. Quite a lot of rocker means both the nose and tail will be lifting off the ground if it's lying on the ground. Only the middle of the board will be touching the ground. Not likely to nosedive and easy to turn but not very fast or responsive. For the Beginner rider Touch of reverse rocker means the nose and tail will be touching the ground and there will be a slight lift off the ground in the middle of the board. This board is super fast and responsive but easy to catch rails and nosedive. For the Advance rider or pro Most boards are Dead Flat. Most Pro's ride Reverse rocker. Hope this answers your questions. Here's the link for boards: Thanks Toby

Hi, Can you let me know how much it costs for postage to Indo for this product. Cheers boys

Hey James. Cots and time is below. Thanks Toby. Australia Post - Air-Delivery time- 3 to 10 Business Days AU $59.15

how much does it cost to ship to israel? thanks

Hey mate. here's the info: Australia Post - Air-Delivery time- 3 to 10 Business Days AU $74.25 Which is about $76 USD Thanks Toby

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