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STEALTH S3 FINS - Blue / Sun Gold
STEALTH S3 FINS - Blue / Sun Gold. Made from Premium Malaysian Rubber.

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Product Description
STEALTH S3 FINS - Blue / Sun Gold

The Stealth S3 is a beefed up version of our original S1 Classic Fin. It is made of 100% Malaysian rubber, with a soft foot pocket and a rigid angled blade for maximum propulsion. The S3 has a blow vent drainage system, epic for quick release of foreign material inside your fin.
It also has ridge tread grooves on the sole of the fin to give you a bit more traction for reef hopping and slippery rock jumps. 
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Reviews (1)
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Title : Look good, classic style with modern features, comfortable, powerful, easy to manoeuvre, excellent drainage, they float, visible colours, wider fit
Review : Look good, classic style with modern features, comfortable, powerful, easy to manoeuvre, excellent drainage, they float, visible colours, wider fit They stretch a little after the first few wears Probably the best value asymmetrical swim fins on the market!

Questions (8)
Do the S3 fins run up half a size like the others or r they really tight.

Same as the other Stealth fins. Thanks Toby.

hi toby. which size do you recommend for a 8.5 or 9 US size?? thanks

Hey mate. Go for the medium. Thanks Toby.

Hey mate, how do these compare to Super fins, foot pocket width, blade stiffness? Cheers

Hey Troy they are pretty similar. I have worn both & they both feel pretty much the same to me. These have better drainage though. Thanks Toby.

hey! so im looking at the stealth s3 hardys. im a 10 1/2 shoe size US. are the measurements on the fins in AUS measurements or US? which would be best the best size for me to order considering that im a 10.5 US? THANKS!

Hey mate. These are US Sizes. Go for the medium Large. I'm 10.5 & they fit perfect! Thanks Toby.

When are you or do you have the s2 ryan hardy colorway?

I don't think they will make S2's in the Ryan Hardy colourway. Thanks Toby.

Hi, the blades of S3 are stiffer than S2 ? or same thing ? And about classic S1 ?

Hey. The blades aren't as stiff as the S2's as the straight edge makes them stronger. These are similar flex to Stealth Originals. Thanks Toby.

hey toby, would you recommend these or a pair "original", not new rubber thing churchill's if i was able to get them somehow. I personally like the look of these better but are they as good. cheers mate.

Hey, Yes these fins are insane. I love churchills but these are just as good if not better. Thanks Toby.

Hey i was just wondering what the foot pocket width is like with these? I have worn churchills for ages and found them a little tight but i need to get some new fins so i was wondering if i would be better off getting these or freedom fins, which apparently are quite wide. Thanks

Hey, Yes both these and the freedom fins are slightly wider foot pockets than churchill. These fins look insane. Thanks Toby.

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