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Comes with 2 Nyflex nylon screws to screw fins in.

The Softlite is ideal for for a fun and safe introduction for both kids and adults learning the skill of surfing with it's softer PE Deck skin. The Softlite Classic has been designed by professional surfers and are fully handshaped templates. Softlite Classic Comes in 5'2" Fish, 5'6", 6', 6'6", 7', and 8'.

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Questions (10)
Can I install (2) of these in a 42" x 1/2" thick "vapor" morey boogie ? Thank you for your prompt reply.

Yes you sure can. You just have to drill holes for them. Thanks Toby.

What is the dimension between the holes of the Softlite replacement fin? The holes on the board are 100mm apart.

Looks like you answered this one yourself the distance is 100mm. Thanks Toby.

what is the distance between the two screw down points. and also the height of the attach points. thanks

Hey mate. The distance between centre of holes is 100mm. height of attachment points is 25mm. Thanks Toby.

do you have white one?

No only black.

Hi what is the spread of the fin screws on the BZ EPS replacement fins? Thanks!

No idea mate. We only have these . Dimensions are listed under questions. Thanks Toby.

Hello! I have a few questions: What is the distance between the screw holes? What is the maximum board thickness that these fins will work with? Is it a single fin in the package or 3? Thank you! -B.L.

Hey mate. This is a single fin. Distance between centre of holes is 100mm. Optimum board thinkness is 50mm but can take 60mm thickness. Thanks Toby.

What is the size/depth of the fin (i.e. how tall is it)? I'm looking for a replacement center fin for my soft top board which is currently 80mm deep/tall)?

Hey the height f these fins from bottom of board to tip of fin vertically is 120mm distance between centre of holes is 100mm. Thanks Toby.

I have an 8ft Oceantis soft surfboard will these fins fit. the thickness of the board on the front 2 fins is 3 inches where the middle rear fin goes the board is about 2.5 inches thick. Thanks Terry

Hey, These will be fine for the thickness of your board. Thanks Toby.

I want to know the length of the fin (or the distance between screws) and the length of the screws. Thanks.

Hey distance between screw holes is 100mm. Length of screws are 60mm but you can cut down. Thanks Toby

what is the centerline mounting measurements


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