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Le Boogie Bodyboard Magazine Issue #12
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Le Boogie Issue #12

On behalf of Chris James and Lewy Finnegan, we invite you, our demanding and tasteful reader, to enjoy a new precedent in elite bodyboarding.

The first demonstration was photographed by Nick Bannehr. Chris James has taken more scalps than any other big wave hunter in the world and naturally leads his chosen field. And while we kneel before anyone that paddles at this size and intensity, this magazine will always be an advocate for the perfectly executed, ultra-deep jetski assist. Chris, adept in both techniques, believes that denying the tow rope is often denying yourself the two most pivotal elements of wave riding: speed and positioning. And so with Matt Young's assistance Chris goes ultra-deep in unfamiliar territory.

Elite bodyboarding.

The second demonstration is performed by Lewy Finnegan. It was photographed by Nathan Tyack. Evidently, what this eighteen year old is capable of should be seriously concerning to even the most credentialed of pros. When Lewy decides the time is right to flare his nostrils and begin collecting scalps of his own, you should put your hands together and pray for your favourite rider. They will need it.

Take a look at Lewy Finnegan and Steve ‘Bullet’ McKenzie, both featured in this issue, standing at opposite ends of the road. Bullet truly lead me to where I am today and inspired me to fall in love with this game. I lined up as a kid to get his autograph. Years later I was lucky enough to travel on a few trips with him and even stayed at his house. We surfed, went fishing, and ended up becoming friends.

Then there's Lewy. The kid bounds into the office, full of energy and covered in salt after days in the water. We hit the road to chase waves, something I swore I was done with the day before he arrived. I really enjoy Lewy's success — he's doing something I dreamt of at his age and inspires me to find my inner youth all over again.

What a fucking good issue this is: I get to feature my favourite rider of all-time, then proudly declare an eighteen year old from Western Australia as a champion in the making. My own pro career never took off, but if my current vocation has one kick-back it's helping these young hot rods on their own life journey. -Phil Gallagher


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