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TRASH - DVD by Todd Barnes
Trash Dvd by Todd Barnes
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Product Description
Trash Dvd by Todd Barnes

From the Maker of Video, Thrash & Thrash'd Todd Barnes delivers the goods again. Probably the most highly anticipated bodyboard Flick oif the Year Trash doesn't dissapoint.

Found Boards in association with Leboogie Magazine & Bodyboard King proudly present TRASH / A boog flick with creative madness!

The opening sequence features the voice of GOD... Mike Stewart as he discuss his thoughts on the present earth, the exponential growth of the human race and all the garbage and negativity that comes with that. This accommpanied with some mind bending visuals sums up our society these dayz, industrial, commerical, corporate, hollywood overload!

Our only escape from this world of TRASH... just go Boog'n

The next 45 minutes amplifies high-tech, explosive Bodyboarding cut and chopped to underground sounds you ain't heard. Watch Nuggen from a Heli, The North Shore of Oahu pulse, Mitch Rawlins break the sound barrier, Mexican perfection, Thomas Robinson Styln', Chris James finds KONY and Brendan Newton goes Bananas in Van Diemans Land. Along with the rest of the worlds best bodyboarders tearing apart Samoa, Western Australia, East Coast Oz, Chile, Puerto Rico and the Canary Islands.

Watch it now before the world explodes!

Here's the Trailer for Trash

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TRASH T Shirt Comes with Dvd Trash?

Hey Ben. Yes that's correct. Thanks Toby.

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