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DaFiN - Grey/Orange
DaFiN Bodyboarding Fins

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Product Description
DaFiN Bodyboarding Fins - Grey/ Orange

Form Meets Function
DAFIN uses the highest quality Natural Malaysian Rubber in a unique, proprietary manufacturing process which integrates two different rubber durometers into the finished product.  The blade provides rigid resistance yet is flexible where required.  There is less drag on the up kick and leg strain and cramps are reduced.  The strap does not bind or blister.  For such a powerful fin, DAFIN is one of the lightest surf fins on the market.  Less weight equals less strain.

Total Power
The low angle wedge type fins on each side of DAFIN  are called the “strakes”. The strakes act to keep water from spilling off the outer edge of the fin on the down stroke. The strakes work in conjunction with a slightly elevated V-shaped foot pocket to create a chamber that allows maximum acceleration of the water flowing over the fin surface resulting in more thrust per kick.

Total Comfort
The foot pocket is a separate chamber of low durometer rubber combined with a high durometer foot plate.  The pocket is silky smooth and soft over the top of the toes and foot to prevent blisters and chafing while the bottom of the pocket is rigid to transmit power to the blade.  Fin socks or booties are not required for comfort.

Total Control
At speed the “strakes” generate a vortex of water from the trailing edge forming a barrier to help prevent the outflow of water from around the raised foot pocket resulting in an element of control and maneuverability across the face of a wave or in turbulent water.

Reviews (1)
Name : Gabe Emtage
Location : Oahu Hawaii
Title : Great Bodyboard Fins
Review : Thank you DaFin for an excellent pair of fins. Being a pro bodyboarder, I have tried a bunch of different fins and these are the best.

Questions (1)
Hey Toby, Whats the width of the foot pocket on these like? I'm probably a M in foot length but a ML in width (short wide feet), I'm better off in the ML right? Also when are you getting this colour back in stock in the ML. Cheers

Hey Casey, The fin pocket is quite wide due the fact that there is no left or right fin. This allows for more width as the pockets aren't shaped for a left/right foot angle. Medium is for 7-8 US and Medium Large 9-10 US. This colour is being phased out hence the reason it is out of stock. All other colours are available. Cheers TP // BBK

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