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HB Bodyboards Ivan Pulic V Concave ISS Polypro Core - 2020/21 Model
HB Ivan Pulic Polypro Core 2020/21 Model - This Board Includes ISS Base Flex Stringer
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Product Description
HB Bodyboards Ivan Pulic Polypro Core - 2020/21 Model

At HB, our philosophy for designing bodyboards is simple: We take only the finest grade materials, integrate them with team tested templates, and incorporate the latest in construction technologies to create a line of high performance wave riding craft worthy of the HB name. We’ve lived by these three key principles for the past 28 Years of Bodyboard Production

Brand: HOT BUTTERED bodyboards
Model: Ivan Pulic ISS Polypro Core
Collection: Uplugged
RRP: $399.95
Sizes (inchs ) 40',  41',  42

Ivan Pulic has quietly been building a rep for high flying & fearless lip launches. His Indo adventures are legendary. To attach to the max, Ivan has tweaked his Shred Sleds & added the ISS Stringer System to maximise his 2018 Rides.


CORE: KINETIC CORE – 1.9lb with Mesh
Constructed from premium grade 1.9lb density Arpro Polypropylene resins, Kinetic Core delivers amazing projection and response as a result of high pressure cell- fusion created during the blank manufacturing process. Kinetic Core is a warm water core available in various reinforcement configurations, each tuned-in for specific wave conditions.

STRINGER: - Interchangeable Stinger System™ - This board Includes ISS Base Flex Stringer (equivalent to a standard stringer in flex) & ISS Key.
ISS™ Stringers can be instantly changed simply by using the ISS™ Key to unscrew
the current stringer, remove and replace with your desired stringer, Its that easy. A range of different flex ISS™ Stringers is available to give
you the perfect setup no matter the wave, size, conditions or style of riding. Now you can create a quiver of boards by just changing stringers to cover the full spectrum of a riders flex requirements.

Finest grade, authentic Dupont SurlynTM slick bottom skin. Surlyn exhibits rubber like properties for superior projection.

DECK: Wave Cushion Air PE Deck
8lb. non-crosslink Polyethylene outer skins. The premier skin for high performance bodyboarding.

RAILS: IXLPE Inner Rail/ Cellucushion Outer Rail, Double 55/45 rails

Classic 45o angle on a 385o radius cut. Loose and responsive, Crescent Tails are the preferred tail shape of the HB CoreTeam. CNC cut for maximum precision.

Slick Mesh, Double Hull Concave,  Nose & Tail Bumpers, Nose Biulbs

This board features a Double V Concave instead of channels. This creates an air pocket in the back half of the board. Breaking up surface tension & creating an air bubble resulting in more lift, less drag, increased speed while having better hold & rail control resulting in better manouvreability. This creates the ultimate board for speed & control.

Midnight Blue Deck// Black Pinline// Midnight Blue Rails// Red Slick in 42"
Black Deck// Black Pinline// Black Rails// Black Slick in 41"
Black Deck// Black Pinline// Black Rails// Red Slick in 40 & 41"

Here's Ivan Ripping on this model
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