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DRAG BODYBOARDS Shred Sled Tribal PE Core - 2018/19 Model
Drag Shred Sled Tribal PE Core - 2018/19 Model

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Product Description

Shred Sled Tribal Sam Bennett PE Core Bodyboard - 2018/19 Model

DRAG Bodyboards is the antihero board company. A team of misfits outcast from the industry who decided to start their own brand.
Inspried by the geniuses behind I Am None & Zion these stripped back boards have just the bare minimum in branding but the maximum in style, materials & design. Join the club.

Just when you thought his goose was cooked, BENNETT IS BACK with a vengeance!!! Drag has nailed his classic shape which will have you shredding in anything Bwallz to Bansai Pipeline.
The Slam Bennett bro model features:

CORE: 2.4lbs Extruded Dow (PE) Core
PE Core is the original Bodyboard Core, offering flex & resilience. Best suited for colder waters of those wanting a bit more flex
DECK: Wavedeck IXLPE 4mm Deck
TAIL: Crescent Tail
ADDITIONAL FEATURES:  Graduated Channels, 55/45 Double rails, Slick Grips, CNC Shaped

Board Spec's
Rail Ratio Top Rail Bottom Rail Tail Angle Nose Angle Tail Shape
55/45 40° 32° 45° 12° Cresent

Black Deck// Black Pinline// Black Rails// White Slick in 38 (Last One)

Here's the latest clip of Sam Ripping on these boards:


Reviews (1)
Name : Howie
Location : G-town
Title : Quality, light, and instinctively wants to do Draggy tricks
Review : I must confess, I've fallen in love with Drag boards a bit. After years of riding BZs I realised I wasn't a professional bodyboarder and looked for something a bit more rugged and risky. I also wanted to buy local. Drag were describe in a recent surf mag as one of the only truly subversive things happening in surfing right now and when I saw the very affordable and witty-named BFC model (bodyboard financial crisis) I thought this could be just the board for me. At about half the price of pro-boards its beauty is in its simplicity. Its a bodyboard with a PE core. It's super light. It plain on top, with a pretty cool tribal pattern on the slick. When I jumped on the water I thought woah this is thin. Unlike BZs it's more bodyboard than boat. Unlike BZs it probably wont be worth more in 20 years than what I paid for it today. But as I got used to the lightness I realised I was sitting really well in the water and I was moving here and there effortlessly. Smooth and slick. In one surreal moment I ended a 360 sitting on the board and still on the wave, emulating the sort of tricks Drag riders regularly perform. The board seemed to want this to happen. It was a good moment. I think my next board will be one of the top line Dragger proboards as well.

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