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ZION WETSUITS Corelord 2mm Wetsuit Shorts - Black/ Aqua
ZION WETSUITS 2020/21 Summer Range

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ZION WETSUITS 2020/21 Summer Range.

Nothing says ‘veteran of the budget indonesian land-camp’ more than the wettie trunk. 8 hours out at desert point battling bintang induced dehydration, fighting off the early signs of malaria in a pair of trunks? Nah lord. You’re sheathed in neoprene.  Rash free with the block and tackle insulated in reef-proof rubber. The practicality is undeniable, Wettie shorts are hydrodynamic, lightweight and easily dropped to the ankles when some suss mi goreng turns ya digestive track into a storm water drain during a cyclone. Made of 2mm super stretchy neoprene for those who tend to blow out over christmas and make a 1998 occy style comeback in the new year. Comes in G Land rock pool Aqua or stealth black

- 100% Superstretch Limetone Based Neoprene
- Drawstring
- Surfcore Tremp Stamp authenticity
- Flatlock Stitching
Get em hugging ya junk real snug as they’ll stretch & wrap around the blownest of Christmas rigs

Zion is Bodyboarding's leading wetuit brand.

The Brainchild of former pro Bodyboarder Ryan Mattick, he has developed Zion for purpose built bodyboarding use in mind.
Tried and tested from A Frame wedgy beachbreaks to Hollow reef slabs, this is the wetsuit for you if you're a commited bodyboarder.
Stay warm this Summer in one of these.


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