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SCIENCE BODYBOARDS Launch Nemo Polypro Core - 2021 Model
SCIENCE BODYBOARDS Launch Nemo Polypro Core - 2021 Model

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Product Description

Science Bodyboards Launch Nemo Polypro Core 2021 Model

Designed by James "Nemo" Nymeyer This is a minimal version of the launch template. Offering all the good stuff without the extra's.

The Launch (Speed) : The fastest board in Science's lineup.
A straighter than normal template designed to be excessively fast through all sections with a simple aim: to launch you as high as humanly possible.
The Launch holds a strong rail in deep hollow barrels where driving speed is a must. Aim for a section, whether it be down the line of a deep pit or towards a lip to
aiming for the stars, the Launch will get you there.

CORE: Polypro Core
Polypro Core is a state of the art engineered bodyboard core. A lightweight core that is fusion formed to create a nucleus that delivers incredible flexural properties,
including instant recoil, added projection, enhanced longitudinal stiffness & awesome compression strength. 100% waterproof
STRINGER: 1 x  RCS Stringer
SLICK: Surlyn by DuPont
DECK: Wavecushion Air 8lb PE

RAILS: 55/45 Double rails
TAIL: Crescent Tail
ADDITIONAL FEATURES: MS Vent Channels, Nose Bulbs, Screened Deck/ Slick Print
, Ltd Deck Heat Stamp.




You may have noticed your equipment works differently depending on the temperature. The way a board flexes and recoils in warm conditions is different than in the cold. 

Your personal preference for what you consider as optimum flex is unique to where you live and what your local temperatures are. To take the guess work out of which of our boards is softer (generally better for colder conditions) or stiffer (generally better for warmer conditions) and to help you dial in flex we have created the Science Flex Factor. F1 being the stiffest composition we make and F10 being the softest.

If the board indicates a F+ then an ISS Stringer is in place (e.g. F3+) the flex rating becomes a +or- depending on the ISS Stringer being used.

- Science Flex Factor System is only relative to the Science Bodyboard Range and should not be compared to any other Brands. 


Length Nose Width NTWP Tail Thickness
39' 10 3/4" 19 1/2" 16 1/8" 16 5/8" 52mm
40.5" 11 1/4" 20 1/4" 16 3/4" 17 1/4" 52mm
41.5" 11 1/2" 20 5/8" 17 1/8" 17 3/4" 53mm
42.5" 11 3/4" 21 1/4" 17 1/2" 18 1/4" 54mm
43" 12" 21 1/2" 17 3/4" 18 3/8" 55mm

Note: All measurements are taken at outside of rail. * NTWP = Nose to Wide Point


Black Deck// Red Pinline// Black Rails// White Slick in 42.5*

* Indicates quantity available


Science Bodyboard's Flex Factor Described by Mike

Science Flex Factor from Mike Stewart on Vimeo.

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